Sir Bot-a-lot | Asynchronous bot framework

This project aims to provide a simple library to generate bots for various services. The initial goal was to implement a bot for the slack team of the pyslackers community.


Sir Bot-a-lot is on PyPI.

$ pip3 install sirbot

We recommend installing it in a virtual environment.

To run the bot initialize it and call the bot.start method:

from sirbot import SirBot

bot = SirBot()
bot.start(host='', port=80)

For examples take a look at the How To and the pyslackers bot.


Sir Bot-a-lot connect to services with plugins, some are bundled by default:

To load a plugin initialize it and call the bot.load method:

from sirbot import SirBot
from sirbot.plugins.slack import SlackPlugin

bot = SirBot()

slack = SlackPlugin(token='supersecureslacktoken')

bot.start(host='', port=80)